Bulldozer 3 Finger

Item number 9519

This model is suitable for use in all areas of work where there is fine work to be done, i.e. for protection of hands when a high degree of tactility and dexterity is required.


  • No levels according to EN 388 by reason of the open design of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, otherwise like article BULLDOZER.
  • The design and the workmanship are identical to that of the basic model Bulldozer; the gloves are suitable for use in workshops, the automobile industry, electrical engineering and in electro-mechanical engineering (Please note: NO protection according to EN 1149-1). Protective gloves with perfect fit on which great demands are made in the areas of abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear resistance and grip.


Back of hand material:Spandex, Coolflex, Heavy Stretch Palm material:Crystal Kevlar® mit Pu Print

Performance features

2 2 4 1

A = ABRASION (lowest 0, highest 4)
C = CUT RESISTANCE (lowest 0, highest 4)
R = RESISTANCE TO TEAR PROPAGATION (lowest 0, highest 4)
P = PUNCTURE RESISTANCE (lowest 0, highest 4)