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ESKA® succeeds in breakthrough for textile fire fighting gloves in Australia/NZ

Through the dedication of our research and development team we’d like to proudly present the one & only fully textile Structural Firefighting Glove in the world – “ARES”, which is fully certified in Australia to AS/NZS 2161.6:2014 for our loyal Australia/New Zealand customers.

The new "ARES" glove is the first textile fire fighting glove in the world to fulfil the extremely strict standards of the Australian Certification body VicLab and is the result of painstaking development work. In association with its extremely cooperative pre-suppliers, ESKA® spent six years testing, discarding, re-designing and refining the glove. This perseverance cost more than 100,000 Euros and countless hours, but it paid off. “Others probably would have given up a long time ago but we really wanted to succeed and after countless feats of strength we managed the breakthrough,” said a pleased Paul Loos, CEO of ESKA®.
“The reason we persisted with full testing in an Australian testing facility is because the Australian Lab knows the AS/NZS 2161.6:2014 testing methods and how to correctly perform these tests as we have found very different results from overseas labs who we believe have little understanding of the AS/NZS testing methods with some very doubtful pass results proven incorrect in the Australian testing facility as we are just after a level playing field”, said Joel Ward, CEO ESKA Australia.

Knitting machine for special yarns
A closer inspection of the "ARES" clearly reveals the pioneer achievement. The material of the palm comprises of a meticulously conceived special thread component which is made on a very special knitting machine which is no longer produced today. It is only on this type of machine on which six different types of plied yarn can run together. The special PRO MARBLE coating technology with the highest values is also used in all fire fighting gloves by ESKA®.

GEKKO effect and special lining
The GEKKO effect is also new and is used in the coating of the "ARES". Micro structures create a significantly improved grip in dry and wet conditions. The "ARES" double-walled lining was also repeatedly conceived, tested and rejected until it was perfected.
Unconditional protection
CROSSTECH + the Gore Grip technology also offer the best insert by Gore-Tex. This provides reliable protection against water, blood and viruses with, at the same time, maximum breathability. Extra guaranteed protection: Kermel® upper fabric, various fleece layers, soft shell knuckle protector, thumb protector and a 100% Kevlar® wide cuff. Furthermore, the new design and processing technology has been perfectly adapted to suit "ARES".

Unique on the market
The "ARES" is the only textile fire fighting glove with full Australian lab certification and will remain this, also in the future. “I am certain that the competitors will not be able to keep up with the compulsory certifications. Our glove’s conception is unique. Besides “ARES”, the only other competitor textile fire fighting gloves which will be available on the market in the future will therefore be those which aren’t fully certified in Australian test labs accordance with Australian standards,” emphasises Loos.

The key benefits of "ARES" at a glance

- Material of the palm made out of unique special thread components

- PRO MARBLE coating technology guarantees highest values

- GEKKO effect on the palm for improved grip properties in wet as well as dry conditions

- Double-walled lining for excellent insulation

- Insert CROSSTECH + Gore Grip technology protects against water, chemicals, oil, fuel, blood and viruses with, at the same time, maximum breathability

- Kermel® upper fabric and various fleece layers

- Protection against shock and impact thanks to knuckle and thumb protector

- New design and processing technology ensures maximum comfort
Fully Certified in Australia in a lab which understands the AS testing criteria


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